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LO1 Tracker System

LO1 Tracker captures process data via industry standard AIDC barcode or RFID technology and transforms it into critical information you require to significantly improve process performance and quality results.

  • LO1 Tracker provides information at your fingertips provides immediate process insight.

  • The use of scanned barcodes and RFID has been maximized to reduce errors, facilitate reconciliation, and improve processing cycle time.

  • Designed to work within a paperless environment.

  • Can be used as an electronic batch record system.

  • Linkages within the LO1 Tracker database provide for raw materials, processing steps, and materials to be tracked and traced to provide a complete story of the product throughout the process and its life cycle.

  • Includes a multi-language capability for international applications.

  • Validation scripts are provided with the system.

  • Scalable for small to large clients and divisions of major corporations.

  • Price point is low to provide attractive Return-On-Investment (ROI) and short payback periods.

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